Working process of pressure spray dryer

- Jul 13, 2020-

In the working process of the pressure spray dryer, the airflow is actually used to achieve the purpose of drying, so the design and production process of the entire equipment first needs to consider all aspects of the airflow of the equipment. First, we need to allow the internal airflow to be sufficiently dispersed so that the material can be completely exposed to air contact, that is to say, the drying area is said to increase, and only the drying area reduces the drying time. Some equipment on the market has a fast drying speed and some has a low drying speed, which is actually the difference in this respect.

In addition to the above, the airflow in the pressure spray dryer also needs to be relatively simple. Some manufacturers have a higher indication of the airflow for operation when manufacturing equipment, adding more parts, and making the airflow into the operation very complicated. But the result of this drying effect is not too good. In the case of relatively complicated airflow operations, the maintenance of the equipment can also be increased, so this is all aspects of the above design considerations.

Of course, in the working process of the pressure spray dryer, there will be substantial channels at any time, and the material will also interfere with the airflow, so it will also affect the stability of the airflow operation. The design also needs to consider its aspects. First, it needs to be improved. The running speed of the airflow needs to be improved in other areas. When a large amount of material enters, it will not affect the airflow. Only when the requirements are met in this regard will there be a better working effect.