Ceramic Cyclone Spray Dryer Introduction

- Aug 30, 2018-

Ceramic cyclone spray dryer is the most widely used process in the liquid process molding and drying industry. Suited for generated from solutions, emulsions, suspensions, and plasticity paste liquid raw material in powder, particulate or solid block products. Thus, when the finished product particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shapes must meet precise criteria. The spray drying is an ideal process.

1.Drying speed is fast, solid-liquid surface area greatly increased after the spraying in the hot air flow, the moment can be evaporated moisture of 95% -98%, and only a few seconds to complete the drying time, especially for heat-sensitive materials drying.

2.The product has good uniformity, mobility and solubility products of high purity, good quality.

3.The production process is simplified, convenient control. For special materials for a moisture content of 40-60% (90%) of the liquid can be dried into a powder or grain products, after drying without crushing and screening, to reduce the production processes, to improve product purity.

4.On product particle size, bulk density, moisture, within a certain range by changing the operating conditions to adjust, control and management is easy.

i ceramic spray dryer  ceramic spray dryer ceramic spray dryer

(A) material parameters

1. water evaporation: 5kg / h

2.Inlet air temperature:150-300 ℃

3.Outlet air temperature:80-90 ℃

4. Heating: electric heating

(B) operating parameters

1.Inlet air temperature :150-300 ℃ (automatic control regulation)

2.Outlet air temperature :80-90 ℃

3.System air pressure: -258 to-239pa

4. System air volume: 150-250m3 / h

5. Finished recovery rate: 99%

6.Power consumption: 17.5KW / h

7.Total installed capacity: 17.5KW

8.Emissions:direct emissions after the cyclone dust collector