Controlling The Temperature Of The Hot Air Oven Of The Spray Dryer To Achieve Energy Saving

- Jun 04, 2020-

Controlling the temperature of the hot air oven of the spray dryer to achieve energy saving

The principle of the spray dryer uses mechanical action to disperse the material to be dried into very fine particles like mist, (increasing the area of water evaporation, accelerating the drying process) and hot air contact to remove most of the water in an instant, so that The solid matter in the material is dried into a powder. The spray dryer should pay attention to the control of the drying medium during the production process, which is one of the main measures for the spray dryer to save energy.

The control of the hot blast stove The hot blast stove is the hot air source for the spray tower drying of the spray dryer. The fuel consumption of the spray dryer directly affects the drying cost, so it is a key part of the energy saving of the spray drying tower. Increasing the inlet temperature of the hot airUnder the condition of a constant outlet temperature, the higher the inlet temperature of the hot air (also called the inlet air temperature), the higher the total heat brought in, and the heat per unit mass of heat is transferred to the heat of the mud droplets The more it is, the more water is evaporated by the unit hot air. In the case of constant production capacity of the drying equipment, the amount of hot air required is reduced (that is, the heat taken away by the hot air when it leaves the tower) is reduced, the heat consumption of the spray drying powder is reduced, and the utilization rate and thermal efficiency of the hot air are improved. However, the temperature of the hot air entering the tower should not be too high (no more than 600 ℃). If the temperature is too high, it will burn out the air distributor on the top of the tower. Reducing the temperature of the hot air out of the tower.In the case of a certain temperature of the hot air in the tower, the lower the temperature of the hot air out of the tower, the greater the temperature difference between the drying equipment and the tower. high. However, the temperature of the exhaust air should not be too low. When the temperature is lower than 75℃, the powder is too wet, which affects the normal drying.