Dryer Common Faults And Treatment Methods

- Jun 04, 2018-

Grain drying is a systematic project. The basic configuration of the grain dryer is: a drying tower, a bucket elevator, a combustion furnace, a conveyor and necessary cleaning equipment and electronic control equipment. Some configurations Comparing the full automatic measurement of grain moisture and weight online. The common faults are mainly found in the hot air oven section and the dryer section.

Drying tower temperature does not rise


1, check whether the heat, heat transfer parts leak or block;


2. Whether the coal is up to standard and the normal heat energy is not less than 6500 kcal.




1, the fan wind or air duct is not smooth;


2, the supply air temperature is too high;


3, foreign matter entrained, weak and strong are due to the speed of fuel;


4, foreign material caused by blocking;


5. Unloading speed is uneven.


Material dampness


1. The speed of material discharging is too fast and has not been effectively slowed down.


2, the use of supply air temperature is too high, so that the surface of the material appears fast dry, after stacking, the internal moisture continues to evaporate.