Easy To Control, Low Energy Consumption, High Thermal Efficiency

- May 03, 2018-

The disc dryer adopts a process of inputting heating medium in series and in series and cooling and dehumidifying at the end of the process, and a sheet-size heating plate stamped and welded, and an oscillating adjustable rotary lobe. The tray dryer combines the advantages of conductive drying and stirring and conveying, stable and simple operation, continuous production and sealing, easy control, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, fast drying speed, and controllable time. In addition, the disc dryer also has the advantages of low labor intensity, small footprint, low investment, and wide application. The disc dryer can be used for drying and cooling of powder and granular materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed, and other industries.

The single inlet for the heat source of the tray dryer is double inlet and double outlet; the old spatula is made by hand welding using a thick steel plate to make a new spatula; the bending and deforming spar arm is changed into a thick steel pipe by round steel to increase the bearing weight; The uneven disk surface was changed into a steel plate with a single press forming to increase the hardness and flatness of the plate surface. The labyrinth and packing double-layer sealed protection bearings were used, and eight electric vacuum ball valves were provided to ensure the vacuum degree. The products are widely used in the drying of materials in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.