Ensure Long-term Safe, Efficient And Reliable Operation Of The Product

- May 03, 2018-

Refrigerant compressed air dryer uses the principle of cooling air to reduce the air temperature, and the moisture in the moist air is condensed out from the air to obtain relatively dry air.

Adsorption compressed air dryer uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption. When the moist air passes through the adsorbent, moisture is adsorbed by the adsorbent and dry air is obtained.

The humid high-temperature compressed air flows into the pre-cooler (for high-temperature type). After the heat is dissipated, it flows into the heat exchanger and exchanges heat with the cold air discharged from the evaporator, thereby lowering the temperature of the compressed air entering the evaporator.

The compressed air after heat exchange flows into the evaporator through the heat exchange function of the evaporator and the heat exchange of the refrigerant, the heat in the compressed air is taken away by the refrigerant, the compressed air is rapidly cooled, and the moisture in the moist air reaches the saturation temperature and rapidly condenses. The condensed water forms water droplets after being condensed, and after the high-speed rotation of the unique air-water separator, the water is separated from the air by the action of centrifugal force, and the water is discharged from the automatic drain valve after separation. The dew point of the air pressure after cooling is as low as 2°C.

After cooling, the cold air flows through the air heat exchange and the inlet hot and humid hot air exchanges heat. When the heat exchanged cold air increases the temperature due to the intake air heat, the compressed air passes through the secondary condenser of the refrigeration system. (Proprietary design of the same trade) Reheating the heat medium with high temperature again ensures that the temperature of the outlet is sufficiently heated to ensure that no condensation occurs in the outlet air line. At the same time, the cold source of the export air is fully utilized to ensure the condensing effect of the refrigeration system of the machine table and ensure the quality of the outlet air of the machine platform.

Refrigerated dryer:

1 In strict accordance with ISO9001 GB standards, QS, pressure vessel inspection specifications for production, to ensure long-term product safety, efficient and reliable operation.

2 Easy to install, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

3 Refrigeration parts and control components are all made of international quality brands to increase their service life.

4 The heat transfer area of the heat exchanger is increased on the basis of the standard design, and the heat transfer efficiency is better, which ensures the stability of the dew point of the machine.

5 specially designed secondary condenser, perfect use of export cold source to ensure the cooling effect of the machine refrigeration system, while increasing the compressed air outlet temperature, save energy and avoid the loss caused by the condensation of the pipeline.

6 The high-efficiency gas-water separation device cooperates with an excellent automatic drain valve to continuously and continuously discharge condensed water from the machine.

7 Safe and reliable protection device (machine equipped with high-voltage switch, low pressure switch, water condenser safety valve, overload protection, etc.)

8 The product can accept a variety of special customization (processing capacity is greater than 143Nm/min, special specifications, materials, temperature, pressure, control methods, etc.).