Free Flowing Powders Dryers Introduction

- Oct 30, 2018-

Hot air enters into stirring, crushing and drying chamber in a certain speed from the air inlet that at the bottom of dryer and producers vigorous eddy airflow. Material is acted by centrifugal force, shearing force, impacting and friction, the particle size of material becomes very small and mass and heat transmission is strengthened. At the bottom of dryer, big damp granules is crushed, small and low moisture content granules rise with the rotation air stream. During the rising process, the granules are dried further. Because of the rotary flow of air and solid, inertia of solid phase is higher than gaseous phase, the relative speed of air and solid is big, it strengthens mass and heat transmission, so drying intensity is high.

Free flowing powders dryers characteristics

1.The variety of feeding device for selection, feeding is continuous and stable, the process does not produce intermediate bridge phenomenon.

2.The dryer is arranged at the bottom of the special cooling device, avoids the material deterioration phenomenon in the high temperature zone at the bottom.

3.The special pneumatic sealing device and bearing cooling device, prolong the service life of the transmission part.

4.The wind device special, reducing equipment resistance, and provides effective treatment of air dryer.