Herbal Extracted Material Spray Dryer Introduction

- Oct 02, 2018-

Most of herbal extracted material contains lots of sugar which brings big difficulties for spray drying process.Those problems cause by high sugar content material are low powder soften point , easily stick on inner tower , easily agglomerationand easily absorb moisture when expose to air. If use normal spray dryer without special design, these problems will be caused : a lot of powder stick on inner chamber ,and powder coking phenomenon , moreover powder in collecting tank under cyclone will agglomerate because of overheated after long period . In order to solve above problems, we designed Herbal Extracted Material Spray dryer.

Herbal Extracted Material Spray dryer characteristics

1.Cooling air jacket : outside of inner chamber there is air cooling jacket, it is for cooling inner chamber efficiently;

2.Air film system: Inner chamber has air film system , it is for cooling down dried powder inside of chamber by cold air;

3.Air sweep device : inside of drying chamber there equipped with air sweeper , it is for brush off powder stick on inside chamber by high pressure air;

4.Dehumidified air transfer : in our powder collecting system, there equipped with dehumidified cooling air transfer product to one final collecting point.