Horizontal Hot Air Flow Through Dryer Introduction

- Nov 21, 2018-

The Horizontal hot air flow through dryer can adapt to coal, oil, gas and other various fuels, can dry lump, particle shape,and powder and so on many kinds of materials, accord with a policy to create an environment friendly, resource conservation-oriented society, and is an environmental protection energy-saving products which is the replacement of traditional drying equipment.

Horizontal hot air flow through dryer Features

1.Low temperature, Large Air Volume Technology. without damaging the nutritional structure of raw materials, like bean dregs, sweet potato residue, wine waste, etc.

2.Three Level Multiple Seals, Safer. equipment is negative pressure operation, good sealing, ensuring safety and cleaning of environment.

3.Save Covering Area,Reduce Plant Investment.Our Horizontal hot air flow through dryer can save around 60% of covering area and plant investment.

4.Dry Cylinder rotates at a constant speed. Under effect of rolling drum, material is lifted, full of whole space, and contact fully with hot air, speeding up drying effect.

5.Easy operation. Equipment adopts PLC intelligent control system.

6.Automatic feeding and discharging device.

7.Controllable dewatering rate, controllable drying effect.

8.Horizontal fixing, more stable and safer.