Horizontal Sewage Sludge Dryer Introduction

- Dec 01, 2018-

1. Horizontal sewage sludge dryer is used for continuously drying of sewage sludge, animal manures and industrial sludges;

2. Heating area: 3-200 M2

3. Drying capacity: 50-5000 kg/h

4. Vapor tight or vacuum designs are available

5. Heat source: steam, hot water or hot oil

Horizontal sewage sludge dryer Features

1.Equipment with less malfunction, low maintenance costs, low energy consumption;

2. Drying products are powder, water evenly, bright color, drying process does not lose the material nutrients;

3.Adopts a unique sealed insulation device, effectively reducing the heat loss of the drying system;

4.The system sealing performance is good, and with a complete dust removal device, no dust spill, the operating environment is good;

5.The entire drying system using electrical centralized control, hot air temperature with automatic adjustment, a high degree of automation, easy to operate;