Improve Corn Drying Quality And Reduce Secondary Pollution

- May 03, 2018-

Having high-quality corn dryers, such as guaranteeing the quality of paddy drying, is the hard truth of the current development, and more and more peasant brothers will devote themselves to this industry. The development of quality and efficiency of the corn dryer can withstand the needs of rainy weather, solve the problem of drying and storage of food, alleviate the contradiction between the development and construction of the shortage of drying fields in the countryside. Compared with the traditional drying, the drying of mechanized dryer is most important to improve The drying quality of corn reduces secondary pollution, achieves non-landing production of food, saves labor costs, saves drying space, and achieves better economic benefits. In addition to the implementation of the policy of benefiting farmers such as national purchase subsidies, grain drying is becoming The inexhaustible motive force for increasing the income of the peasant brothers.

The corn dryer is an important guarantee for the safe production, storage and transportation of grain. However, the development of corn dryers in China needs to be improved compared with other developed countries. The urbanization rate in China cannot be improved without the development of rural areas. There are many policies such as tax exemption, subsidies and technical support. We will further increase the policy of strengthening agriculture, benefiting peasants, and enriching agriculture, strive to seize good agricultural yields, work together to promote faster income growth for farmers, and strive to maintain the harmony and stability of rural society.