Long-term Preservation Of Biological Materials

- May 03, 2018-

The phenomenon that the dryer cannot be turned on is generally related to the electronic control system. If it is the case of a power-on tripping, it is generally a case that the user-supplied air switch is too small, or the refrigerant compressor may have been short-circuited and burned. The above conditions may be separately checked and confirmed. Whether the compressor is burned can be confirmed by checking the three-phase resistance and the grounding resistance with a multimeter. If the inter-phase resistance is infinite or the grounding resistance is zero, then the compressor can be determined to be burned. After the compressor is burned, the system should be cleaned as much as possible, and the refrigerant drying filter should be replaced, and then vacuum and fluorine must be added. Otherwise, the refrigeration will be affected. Compressor service life.

Traditional drying damages the cells and causes the material to shrink. The structure of the sample will not be destroyed during freeze-drying because the solid components are supported by the ice on its seat. As the ice sublimates, he leaves pores in the dry residue. This preserves the biological and chemical structure of the product and the integrity of its activity.

In the laboratory, lyophilization has many different uses. He is indispensable in many biochemical and pharmaceutical applications. It is used to obtain biomaterials that can be stored for a long period of time, such as microbial cultures, blood, enzymes, drugs, In addition to the stability of long-term preservation, it retains its inherent biological activity and structure. For this purpose, lyophilization is used to prepare tissue samples for structural studies (e.g., electron microscopy studies), freeze-drying is also applied to chemical analysis, it can obtain dry samples, or concentrates samples to increase assay sensitivity. Freeze-drying makes the sample components stable, without changing the chemical composition, and is an ideal analytical aid.

Freeze-drying can occur naturally, and in natural situations this process is slow and unpredictable. Through the freeze-drying system, people have improved and subdivided many steps to accelerate this process.

Three: The composition of the freeze-drying system

1. Drying chamber or manifold

2. Vacuum system: used to overcome obstacles and accelerate gas flow

3. Heat source: provide energy

4. Low temperature condenser: used to maximize the vapor pressure difference and capture the vapor to freeze, avoid water vapor pollution vacuum pump.