Precautions When Working With Fruit And Vegetable Dryers

- Jun 02, 2018-

 1. If the conditions permit, the fruit and vegetable dryer can be equipped with a spray device to make the wood achieve the effect of hot steaming. The moisture of the wood moisture flows from the inside to the outside, and the dried wood will not be deformed or cracked. , cracking and other phenomena.


2. The fruit and vegetable dryer can increase the hot air recovery system, recover the discharged hot air, accelerate the operating speed of the air flow in the drying room, and accelerate the drying time to improve the heat energy utilization.


3. Fruit and vegetable dryer wood drying is a matter of speed is not reached, so the heating can not be too fast, otherwise there will be wood cracking, there is to pay attention to the stacking of wood, pay attention to uniform heating, but also take into account The direction of wind flow allows hot wind to circulate from the stacked wood.


4. The use of fruit and vegetable dryers can be dried to any desired final moisture content, independent of natural conditions; with more mature drying theory and process technology, can guarantee the quality of drying; compared with air dry, the drying cycle is short, High production efficiency, small floor space; less complicated equipment, long service life, safe and reliable, economical effect.