Quick Horizontal Dryer Machine Introduction

- Jan 07, 2019-

Quick horizontal dryer machine is one of the traditional drying equipment.

The dryer could be reliable working and has great flexibility, big capacity. It is widely applied to drying of metallurgy, chemical industry, miner, agriculture, grain, fodder, fertilizer industry, building materials, chemical industry, sawdust, grain, coal washing, sand, clay, kaolin, sand, powder, granular material etc. The length is decided by the dry degree .The drying area of the roller is bigger, could let the material fully contact with the hot air and been dried quickly.

Quick horizontal dryer machine Features

1.Quick horizontal dryer machine has a big capacity, low cost and energy consumption. it is heating resistant, the hot air can flow into the dryer rapidly.

2.Quick horizontal dryer machine has a flexible capacity .There is no need to change the equipment even if the production is a little bigger .With the match of adjustable tug structure and hoop , attrition and energy consumption has been reduced sharply .