Single-stage Spray Dryer Outlet Temperature And Connection Check

- May 28, 2018-

The single-stage spray dryer needs to wait for the sprayed material to be effectively emulsified and homogenized through a homogenizer and pass through a 80-mesh screen when it is in operation. It can be placed in a stainless steel bucket for use during use. Single-stage spray drying is required. A bucket of tap water outside the machine is mainly used to clean the atomizer and the spray chamber. When the operation is performed, the peristaltic pump tube needs to be installed, clamped firmly, and the front of the feed port is fastened with 8 nuts (to prevent floating). Inhale air) and put it in a bucket for use.

Single-stage spray dryers need to effectively check whether the butterfly valves on the pipes connecting the dehumidifier and the collection drum are all open to a certain extent. In operation, the dampers on the spray tower should be in a certain degree. In the fully open state, the sprayer door should be closed firmly, and the quick-installing clamps of the connecting pipelines should be installed correctly. The air compressor outlet valve should be opened, the emptying valve should be turned off, and the air pressure tube should be connected well.

 When the single-stage spray dryer presses the dehumidifier switch during operation, it closes the air-drying switch of the spray dryer to a certain extent, and effectively adjusts the air pressure of the air compressor to 0.25 MPa when it is used (after the black button is adjusted Press, the red emergency stop button is turned clockwise to open the LCD operation screen, wait 15 seconds to automatically enter the operation interface, set the process parameters: set the temperature 180 °C, the lower limit temperature is 180 °C, the upper limit temperature 192 °C, the temperature is between Between the setting and the lower limit, the heating opening time is 10 s, the heating closing time is 3 s, and the shaker is set to vibrate for 2 seconds.

 Single-stage spray dryer needs to open its induced draft fan, electric heating switch, and dehumidifier before starting the system. During the operation process, the system needs to be preheated. The lighting of the entire equipment can be always on, and it will wait until a certain degree. When the inlet air temperature reaches the set temperature and the outlet air temperature reaches 80-90 degrees and the temperature is relatively stable, turn on the atomizer 30S, and then turn on the peristaltic pump switch in the interface to adjust the rotation speed to 12- Between 18 (according to the material adjustment), early peristaltic pump to open slowly, should not avoid open air intake tube (nebulizer temperature is high, the lack of new material cooling will cause a small amount of liquid to quickly dry, plug the atomizer), fog The arrow on the carburetor points to “→”. Press the Start button on the nebulizer to start creeping.

 When the single-stage spray dryer waits until the material enters its nebulizer and begins to spray, it observes the atomization and the outlet temperature to a certain extent. If the air temperature exceeds 90 degrees during use, the Can be adjusted slowly peristaltic pump speed (0.5-2 each time), continue to observe the outlet temperature to see if the stability, the outlet temperature dropped to 86-88 degrees stable and is both a normal spray flow rate (depending on the material viscosity, solid The amount of matter and other factors), always observe the wind temperature, adjust the optimal material flow rate (experience value of spray water at 17-18, pepper water at 32, chicken paste is dissolved with 1:2 water is about 28).