The Characteristics Of The Centrifugal Granulation Spray Dryer

- May 28, 2018-

Centrifugal granulation spray dryer is a drying equipment that can be used to dry material into 40-100 mesh a little large particles. Widely used in chemical (Ceramics), medicine, food and other dry areas.

1. The drying speed of the centrifugal granulating spray dryer is fast. The surface area of the material will be greatly increased after its atomization in the process of operation. In the hot air flow, it will evaporate its 95-98% moisture to a certain degree. It takes only ten seconds to complete the drying, especially suitable for the heat sensitive materials.

2. In a certain degree, the shape of the centrifugal granulation spray dryer’s product is spherical particles. In the process of use, the particle size is uniform (such as ceramics, suitable for later pressed finished products), good solubility, high purity, good solubility and good quality. The whole product has a wide range of use. According to the characteristics of the material,It can be dried with hot air or granulated by cold air.The adaptability of the material is strong.

3.. Centrifugal granulation spray dryer is simple, stable, easy to control and easy to realize automatic operation.

The granulation of the centrifugal granulation spray dryer is a certain amount of adhesive is effectively added to the finely ground powder., which can be evenly harmonized when used, so that this will make fine powder of fine sand grains.This kind of powder will have better fluidity and calenderability when it is used. In the pressing process, it can get the flake like particles with better strength and not easily delamination.