Ultra Fine Powder Dryer Introduction

- Oct 25, 2018-

Changsheng Ultra fine powder dryers are designed for continuous drying of cohesive and non-cohesive pastes and filter cakes, as well as high-viscosity liquids.With more than 160 Changsheng Ultra fine powder dryers installations world-wide CHANGSHENG DRYING combines experience and cutting-edge technology into added-value solutions for our customers. Elevated drying temperatures can be used with many products since the flashing off of surface moisture instantly cools the drying gas without appreciably increasing the product temperature which may damage its quality.

Ultra fine powder dryer Details

Application: Organics: Atrazine (pesticides),lauric acid cadmium benzoic acid, sodium oxalate, sterilization Dan, cellulose acetate, organic pigments, etc

Dyestuff : Anthraquinones, black iron oxide, indigo dye, butyrate, titanium oxide, zinc sulfide, various azo dye intermediates

Inorganic substance: Borax, calcium carbonate, hydrogen peroxide, copper sulfate, ferric oxide, TanSuanBei, three antimony oxide, all kinds of metal salt,synthetic cryolite etc.

Food: Soybean protein, gelatinized starch, vinasse, triticum, wheat starch.