Ultra Fine Powder Dryer Introduction

- Jul 19, 2019-

Ultra fine powder dryer introduction

Changsheng Ultra fine powder dryers are designed for continuous drying of cohesive and non-cohesive pastes and filter cakes, as well as high-viscosity liquids.With more than 160 Changsheng Ultra fine powder dryers installations world-wide CHANGSHENG DRYING combines experience and cutting-edge technology into added-value solutions for our customers. Elevated drying temperatures can be used with many products since the flashing off of surface moisture instantly cools the drying gas without appreciably increasing the product temperature which may damage its quality.

Ultra fine powder dryer characteristics

1.Several feeding device can be chose, feeding is continuous and stable, no phenomenon of bridging.

2.There is special cooling device at the bottom of dryer, it can avoid the material that in the bottom high temperature area be bad.

3.There is special air sealing device and cooling device for bearing, it can make the life of transmission part longer effectively.

4.There is special air distributing device, it can reduce the resistance of equipment, and make the air speed in drying tower because balance.

5.There is classify ring and turbojet plate, the fineness and final moisture of product can adjusted and controlled.

6.Circumference air speed in the drying tower is high, the residence time of material is short, it can avoid the material stick on the wall and thermal sensitive materials so bad.

Company Profile 

At Changsheng, many cost saving measures are also implemented to reduce our production costs. For example, we have established a local information network and carried out an efficient information management system (in terms of warehousing, production planning, and order tracking), thus reducing our operating costs. Additionally, we have long-standing relationships with local raw material suppliers, so we are able to acquire our high quality raw materials at reduced cost. Furthermore, our location in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province provides us with easy access to convenient transportation, enabling us to transport our products economically. As a result, we can provide our quality spray dryer, double cone blender and rough grinding machine at affordable prices.