Wuxi Changsheng Dryer Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Production Safety Training Meeting

- Nov 11, 2019-

In order to popularize safety knowledge, improve safety awareness, strengthen safety responsibilities, and eliminate safety hazards, the company held a production safety training meeting on the fourth floor of the company training center at 14:30 on November 11, 2019, and carried out related safety drills.

The meeting was organized by the Minister of Production and the Security Administrator.

First of all, the Minister of Production delivered a speech. He emphasized: "Safe production depends on leadership, and it is not possible to rely on security personnel. It is up to all employees to consciously abide by the implementation." All employees must establish "production must be safe, safe to produce", "safe." It is a big benefit consciousness. Then, based on the actual situation of the company, we will focus on the many safety details that are easy to neglect in production, but need special attention. I hope that everyone should pay attention to it at work.


This time we also had the opportunity to invite the police officers of the fire squadron to tell us about the causes and consequences of the major safety accidents they experienced, so as to alert us to prevent problems before they happen.

After the training, a fire fighting practice was conducted. Finally, a demonstration of protective clothing wear and wear specifications was carried out.